About Simpsons Solutions

Small enough to care – big enough to deliver!

We work with commercial clients across a wide range of sectors and sizes: offices, charities, wind farms, hospitality and care.

Simpsons Solutions provide outsourced facilities, maintenance and compliance services ensuring our clients' buildings are both legal and well maintained.

Our clients range from large global companies, with multiple offices, to smaller companies, simply looking for ‘hand holding’ to  ensure they are meeting their statutory requirements. Everyone gets the same personal service. All of our clients will give us a glowing reference for the extra mile we go for them.

Facilities management, by its very nature, does not mean the same thing globally nationally or even within different organisations. Simpsons Solutions approach is a complaince based one aimed at providing a bespoke service to each and every client. We recognise that every organisation is individual and that one approach simply cannot work for all.

Simpsons Solutions Integrate ourselves and adopt each of our clients ethos gleaning a better understanding of ‘how’ and ‘why’ meaning that you, the client, get the results you require. It is not you and us – it is WE.

Health and Safety

  • Establishing safe practices of work and ensuring all team members, and contractors, are aware and trained in these methods
  • Ensuring R.A.M.S. (risk assessments and method statements) are in place for every task and/or contractor
  • Confirming legal compliance requirements are met and advising when necessary

Quality of Service

  • Establishing KPI’s and SLA’s ensuring your facilities delivery is measured and monitored and your expectations on standard are met
  • Close communication with you the client – be it in the form of reports, regular meetings, conference calls, email updates – whatever suits you best
  • Ensuring every site in your portfolio has the same structure and processes, no matter what size – some sites will have different service requirements – but forms and reporting will all have the same layout and approach

Uniformity of Service

  • Ensuring every premises has the same structure and set up and level of information for compliance and maintenance
  • Detailed maintenance folders are provided for every site
  • Training provided (if necessary) for on site staff to ensure same methods are adopted for completing paperwork and duties
  • Single point of contact provided for all sites – ensures transference of knowledge and in depth knowledge of all processes


  • This is has moved on from being a mere ‘niche interest’ and many stakeholders have expectations on how organisations should operate in environmental terms.
  • There is a pressure for organisations to be continually reducing their impact on the environment, meeting legislation and managing waste in the most cost effective way.
  • There is a great deal of waste legislation covering all aspects, from how waste is defined, stored, collected, brokered and sorted right through to how it is reused, recycled, recovered or disposed of.
  • We can assist on various levels from energy usage monitoring to sourcing more environmentally friendly products.