Our Ethos

Back when we started in 2009 we wrote the values for Simpsons Solutions. These values are still at the core to our service delivery today.

It is these values that our clients have highlighted as areas where we differ form their previous FM providers:


Do you find yourself sending lots of email to contractors and get no response or never getting the person you need to speak with on the phone – that is not us.  Communication is our back bone and key to any service; listening and responding is always our priority. We ensure this by establishing good links with your office representative through phonecalls, email and meetings. Simpsons Solutions are available for you.


This has always been our approach; we have a big business knowledge and capabilities but small business customer care: no matter your size.

Information accessibility 

No longer do you need to hound your contractor for updates on what has been done or for certificates for works – we have all work reports and engineer updates  on your dedicated online account receiving real time updates.


Consisitancy is vital to your office functioning well. Service visits, whether regular or one off, are scheduled in advance for times that suit our clients. We do not ‘pop in on passing’ unless at your request.


A maintenance manager is assigned to your premises. This means they get to know you, your staff and your building. We find this works best and means that there is an in-depth knowledge of your site, equipment and how you work; meaning any issues are resolved quicker and more efficiently. In terms of rapport and safety we have found this is important for our clients.


The ability to be flexible is important and we recognise that you as a business needs to adapt. We are here to assist with what ever way we can.


Any cost changes need approved by you ahead of time ensuring there are no surprises.